Surgical Assistant-CRNFA Ginger (Virginia Austin)
Surgical Assistant-CRNFA Ginger (Virginia Austin)

Surgeon FAQ

Purple Amphibian, PLLC
Virginia (Ginger) Austin

Surgical Assistant, CRNFA

Surgeon FAQ

A highly skilled medical professional contracted to help you during your surgical procedure. An advanced trained professional that has worked in the perioperative environment every day for the last twenty-two years.
The Surgical assistant's role is to facilitate your surgical procedure in all aspects. Along with assisting the surgeon during the surgery, the surgical assistant helps with patient positioning, facilitates room setup/turn-over, and anticipates procedural and surgeon-specific needs.
Yes. A letter of explanation for an assistant has been provided to your office to be handed out at the time of surgery scheduling. With the No Surprises Act, that was passed in December of 2020, patients are required to be notified of the use of out-of-network providers. Patients who see an out-of-network provider will not be responsible for cost sharing other than what they would have paid to an in-network provider. Providers will be barred from holding patients liable for higher amounts. Purple Amphibian, PLLC is asking patients to pre-pay no more than $300 for their procedures to help facilitate capture of charges. We will not bill for more than allowed by their insurance plans. If the company does reimburse the full amount, the patient may request a refund for the difference from their prepayment. Forms are included on the Patient Information page of the website for this purpose.
Yes. We will send a medical claim to the patient's insurance company if they have private insurance. If the patient has a governmental insurance a bill will be sent to your office.

Please do not hesitate to call the billing office if you have questions:

Joy M. Smith, CMIS, PO Box 821122, Fort. Worth, TX 76182 / / Phone: 817-907-7650 / Fax: 817-656-3392