Surgical Assistant-CRNFA Ginger (Virginia Austin)
Surgical Assistant-CRNFA Ginger (Virginia Austin)

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Purple Amphibian, PLLC
Virginia (Ginger) Austin

Surgical Assistant, CRNFA

Hello and Welcome. My name is Virginia Austin, but I prefer to be called Ginger. I am scheduled to assist the surgeon on your upcoming procedure.
You should have received a letter from your medical office announcing my inclusion in the procedure. This website offers an explanation of my services including Robotic-assisted surgery (known as the da Vinci surgical system), a payment fee associated with my services, and assorted insurance forms that are helpful for an insurance refund/appeal. Your care is my utmost concern, and the purpose of this information is to hopefully make you more comfortable in your pre and post surgical experience.

A common question asked is, Why does my surgery require an assistant? Your surgeon determines when a surgical assistant is necessary for the procedure. In addition, industry standards and facility regulations often require a surgical assistant be present for your type of surgery. Insurance companies also allow for assistants to be present in some surgeries.

Please read more about me and I look forward to meeting you in the pre-operative holding room before your surgery.

Please read and fill out the consent form below.

See you soon,

Ginger Austin, CRNFA

Purple Amphibian, PLLC, Consent Form / Notification of Surgical Assistant

- Virginia Austin, CRNFA of Purple Amphibian, PLLC, has been requested by your surgeon. She is a skilled first assist with more than 20 years of experience. Ask your surgeon or refer to or use the QR code to learn more about her role in your care.  Purple Amphibian, PLLC, requires a prepayment for your surgery. Purple Amphibian, PLLC, will file a claim with your insurance company several weeks after your procedure for the remainder of your allowable deductable/coinsurance. Please note insurance companies can take several months to complete the claims process.
- I authorize the release of medical or other information necessary to process a claim for medical services.
- I hereby authorize Purple Amphibian, PLLC/Virginia Austin, CRNFA, to bill my insurance carrier. I may receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) from my insurance company and understand Purple Amphibian, PLLC, is requesting payment for my surgery.  I further understand any payment made to Purple Amphibian, PLLC, by my insurance carrier is payment to Purple Amphibian, PLLC above and beyond my prepay.
- I authorize payment to be made directly to Purple Amphibian, PLLC, on my behalf.
- I authorize Purple Amphibian, PLLC, to file an appeal on my behalf if insurance does not pay appropriately.
- I authorize that Purple Amphibian, PLLC/Virginia Austin, CRNFA, to be involved in my care. I understand this health care provider is not a participating provider in my health insurance coverage network.
- I hereby agree in advance, by signing below, to accept full financial responsibility for all costs associated with any deductible, co-insurance amount, or non-covered medical services provided by Virginia Austin, CRNFA.

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