Surgical Assistant-CRNFA Ginger (Virginia Austin)
Surgical Assistant-CRNFA Ginger (Virginia Austin)

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Purple Amphibian, PLLC
Virginia (Ginger) Austin

Surgical Assistant, CRNFA

About Purple Amphibian

In healthcare today, hospitals do not typically employ a large staff of surgical assistants. It is standard for surgeons to partner with independent surgical assistants to help provide the appropriate level of care for the various procedures they perform.

Purple Amphibian, PLLC, provides physicians and patients with experience and professionalism for scheduled and emergent surgical procedures. In addition, Purple Amphibian, PLLC, continues to accrue annual advanced training and education to meet the growing needs of surgeons and the expanding medical technology that ensures the best and most compassionate care of the patient.

Surgical Assistants use their skills, knowledge, and experience to collaborate with surgeons to navigate the varying complexities of human anatomy as it relates to the procedures being performed.

During surgery, physicians rely on the surgical assistant not only to assist in the surgery, but also to effectively coordinate and communicate with the surgical team.  During all surgical procedures, the surgical assistant provides the extra set of hands that are necessary to operate and function efficiently and effectively. 

Meet Ginger

My legal name is Virginia Austin, but I prefer to be called Ginger. I am a skilled registered nurse with over 20 years experience, certified as a CRNFA, and proficient in various medical procedures including the DaVinci Robotic surgical systems. I am not only adept in the operating room, but also outgoing with people in general, often aiding in the coordinating efforts outside of the surgical procedure with other members of the surgical process.

Purple Amphibian, PLLC, continues with annual advanced training and education to meet the growing needs of surgeons and the expanding medical technology that ensures the best and most compassionate care of the patient. Purple Amphibian, PLLC, has over twenty years of surgical experience, exceeds the highest level of competency in skills and professionalism, and knows the value of a strong working relationship with the surgeon, their office staff, the hospital, and hospital staff to make sure the patient has a positive experience and successful surgery.

There are four essential facts to understand: 1) Purple Amphibian, PLLC/Virginia Austin, CRNFA will bill you for no more than allowed by your deductible/coinsurance; 2) Purple Amphibian, PLLC/Virginia Austin, CRNFA will file a claim with your insurance carrier approximately three weeks after your surgery; 3) a claim from Purple Amphibian, PLLC/Virginia Austin, CRNFA will be sent to your insurance carrier for the amount your insurance carrier deems is your deductible and/or coinsurance; 4) Purple Amphibian, PLLC/Virginia Austin, CRNFA, is not in network with your insurance carrier.

My Expertise includes Traditional Surgery ● Laparoscopic surgery ● Robotic surgery
Fields of Specialty:
  • • General Surgery
  • • Obstetrics, Gynecology
  • • Urology
  • • Urogynecology
  • • Gynecologic Oncology
  • • Colo-Rectal Surgery
  • • Plastic Surgery

What is CRNFA?

A CRNFA is a Certified Registered Nurse First Assistant. The certification program is for registered nurses working in an expanded role as a first assistant who are interested in improving and validating their knowledge and skills and providing the highest quality care to patients.

Candidates use the CRNFA credential to gain credibility and recognition from colleagues and patients, achieve their personal and professional goals, and enhance their career development. Hospitals and institutions around the world support the CRNFA program because certified healthcare providers are confident in their skill and knowledgeable of the latest standards of practice and care. CRNFA-certified nurses are leaders in the operating room community.

This information came directly from the website dedicated to the National Assistant at Surgery Certification (NASC)

NASC / National Assistant at Surgery Certification